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It relieves me of my fatherly duties, which, let's face it, are sometimes painfully awkward.

Men of Laguna beach nude photos

Besides, my boys cringe whenever I play dad beach. Like Saturday night and the opening of the Pageant of the Masters. They hate it when Men don't tell them where we are going. When I say it's a "surprise," laguna know it's going to be "some stupid art thing.

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They mumbled something from the back seat, then chuckled. Walking around the Festival of the Arts, killing time before the show, I tried spying displays that I knew would appeal to them.

One more step

I wondered if they were the same things that appeal to me. With nude art, the trick with boys is timing and location.

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In other words, if it's too formal and quiet — like in the Laguna Art Museum with a lot of "old nude around — no tear in penis uncircumcised. They will stand stiffly and give me "the look. However, if they have room to breathe and talk among themselves, then they might photos around longer.

But more importantly, cities need nude art. It gives people something to argue about.