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Nick novak peeing on sideline

By Meghan Keneally Updated: There are several reasons why people thought Nick Novak, the place kicker for the San Diego Chargers, had a disappointing performance at Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos.

Yes, Nick Novak was urinating on the sideline

In this case, his actions on and off the field qualify. Sideline only did nick miss two critical kicks, but the criticism can also be taken quite literally as he was spotted urinating on the sidelines in the fourth quarter.

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Charger's place kicker Nick Novak was spotted urinating on the sidelines during the fourth quarter of the team's game Sunday against the Broncos. Mr Novak was hoping for a little privacy, so a nick assistant peeing over a towel as a make-shift curtain. A CBS cameraman caught the year-old kicker taking a knee as he appeared to relieve himself into a Gatorade cup. One of the nude girls with hipstergirl assistants novak helps the man out, attempting to give him a shred of privacy by blocking him with a towel.

The move, though disgusting, was likely meant as a way to show his dedication to the team. Before returning for his second and current stint with the Chargers, Novak was signed with the New York Jets.

Place kickers, like Mr Novak, become vitally important during the final moments of an NFL game because they may be used in a strategy for fledgling teams to retain the ball. This was certainly true in the case of the Chargers on Sunday as they ended up losing to the Broncos.

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The game was rather close, meaning that Novak Novak was fair to assume that all eyes would be on the field when nature called with only 1: Minutes after he was caught trying to be discrete, Mr Novak was called on field during overtime when he tried- and failed- to make a yard field goal.

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