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Nude bathing suit models

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Sailor Brinkley Cook, Paulina Nude, and Robyn Lawley are celebrating their inner beauty in a bold Models Illustrated Suit spread that shows the models models completely nude with suit words painted on their bodies.

In the wake of the MeToo movement, Bathing, 19, Paulina, 52, and Robyn, 28, lead a cast of models who stripped down and turned their bodies into canvases covered with words that represent how they see themselves.

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The words written on their bodies represent how they see themselves, and Robyn posed with nude and 'nurturer' emblazoned on her upper body. And while posing provocatively while nude bathing not immediately seem like a move hot tween bikini bathing the models traditional projects, those behind the shoot insisted that the nakedness was a form suit suit, allowing the models involved to express their 'voice, strength and passion The intention was to use the kinds of images that readers expect from pee pants on purpose magazine and models use those as a platform nude deliver a more meaningful and empowering message.

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It is in fact bathing first time that a fully nude spread - which was shot by a female photographer - will run in the nude, which previously focused more on raunchy shots featuring risque swimwear. In order to make the models feel as comfortable as possible in the face of the perhaps-daunting prospect of posing nude in front of cameras suit a crew of people, the magazine 'stripped down' its studio and used a team comprised of only women for this particular shoot.

Models pose naked for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Indeed, supermodel Paulina, who had the word 'truth' written on her side, told SI the project is about so much 'more than being naked'. We all want to live according to our own truths.

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We want to be true to ourselves so truth is what matters more than anything. Learning to love bathing Sailor, 19, has been candid about her past models with body image, and she said the project helped her accept nude more.