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Nude beaches in crete

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More maps of Crete. Nude that I support. Throughout Greece, naturism is only allowed in a few licensed areas but it is tolerated in a number of places.

Best nude beach in Crete. - Ammoudi Beach

Most beaches these places are quiet, remote beaches or coves. The situation might change suddenly often when a beach canteen is built a "No beaches sign will appear or seasonally for example at weekends and in July and August when many Greek families go to the beach so do use your common sense. Remember that you are a guest in this country and avoid deliberately shocking nude hosts. Crete is still a deeply traditional place and being nude on a beach may embarrass the locals. crete

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Topless sunbathing is fine almost everywhere, unless the beach is situated right in a village. My personal top three of favourite nudist beaches would be Agios Pavlos Beach quiet, sandy, such clear watersthe naturist beaches at Tersta for the same reasons and the private beaches in the small coves of Xerokampos if you can beaches a small free beach to yourself here it's heavenly: We also like to make crete stop at Ferma beach where at the end of the stretch of pebbles it crete sandy beaches nude beach is quiet and it is easy to get into the water.

Naturism in Crete

In the north we love our small private beach at Tholos or we busty blondes and brunettes a dip into the sea at deserted long stretched sandy Episkopi Beach. In the north the choice in naturist beaches is limited. These are just a few of the naturist beaches nude Crete that Crete have been to, but off course I haven't seen beaches all Most of the beaches where you can bathe crete your textiles on are on the Nude coast of Crete.

Apart from our beach at Filaki these are NOT official naturist beaches so be considerate.