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Nude ex boyfriend pictures

I have an ex from 6 years ago.

Should I Send My Boyfriend Naked Pictures?

We were to get married but she cheated boyfriend lot. We had been trying to get pregnant. Occasionally I miss her still, we are still nude, I'm dating another woman, but sometimes I just get that urge….

Yes my ex cheated, yes she broke my heart but wasn't always bad. It probably doesn't help I'm polyamorous.

Should I Send My Boyfriend Naked Pictures?

I can't speak for him, but it's why I do have photos of my exs. Thankfully my girl is understanding, and understood where I was coming from. I felt my answer was lacking. I wanted to add, I know that women also feel this way from pictures to time. I know my ex from 6 years ago misses me, and may harbor feelings toward me.