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Editors, to be free furry hentai sites when new stories are posted, contact: Alex Smith was scrolling through the personal ads on Craigslist when one for a cleaner caught his eye. Smith, 31, who had moved to New York from Memphis to model, had recently lost his department store job. The money was enticing.

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This is how Smith became part nude a growing houseboy community phenomenon: This foal term, once used to describe a young manservant, has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Often, but not always, the houseboy will have a jobs relationship with one or both people houseboy in the home.

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For a busy, successful nude man, having a houseboy can be a symbol of power and prestige. I decided there was a niche in the market.

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The site features graphic sexual content, and a disclaimer before it opens. The relationship between a houseboy and his employer is simultaneously jobs and romanticized.

Would You Mind Disrobing, James?

Allen is understandably quick to list the advantages. We spend all holidays and vacations together, and I spend time with his family and he with mine.

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Metro-Luxe President Clint Arthur said the aim was to provide successful gay clients with a special amenity.