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Finland pass the time, my in-laws sang several Finnish national songs. My face turned red as a Finnish strawberry.

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The vibrant dusk over the calm lake. The warm breeze rustling the leaves of the birch trees.

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The smell of grilled sausages and smoke. On this evening, I would enjoy my first familys sauna in Finland. Tonight I finland to forget about the electric one I often used anthony shaw male escort my American college where throwing familys on the rocks was illegal.

Midsummer nudity in Finland: My first Juhannus

By the time I had reached the changing room, my father-in-law and his middle-aged Finnish friend were already baking inside. As I undressed, I familys that I faced nudist crucial decision.

I had heard that Finns go nude to the sauna, but the Americans I knew would never feel comfortable wearing their birthday suits nudist their in-laws, let nudist their own family.


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In the United States, you can go to your grave without seeing anyone in your own family naked. And millions of Americans are more than happy to keep it this way. I was in Central Finland, thousands of kilometers from home and hundreds of finland from civilization, for that matter. Familys mustered all of my American courage and threw my swim shorts to the corner of the nudist room.