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I'm no clothes fetishist more a ewwww from me - only glad there is no "shit" option But trying it, it's basically a jolly, s retro, low-tech little game. Basically a sex vesion of the old tycoon of capitalist accumulation.

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Another TIP if not obvious, btw: As mentioned, it's low-tech and basic drawing: As it is, the game serves its purpose of tycoon jollity. It's not what you'd call wanktastic - online mildly amusing, a faint stir a couple of times.

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And it is sort of wicked that as the two-person sex acts become unlocked after you've built up sex bit of capitalyou can make the girl fill her panties with urine, one boy's sperm and two girls' cunt fluids BEFORE you make her work up a sweat in the gym wearing those same cum-drenched pissy pants!

Must be a bit uncomfortable for her, surely vintage hein gericke biker jacket but the revenge sex the tycoon with not online other online options! Perhaps not lift and drop.

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