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It has been four years ass Kick-Ass 2and fans of movies Mark Millar-created character haven't much hope of seeing the character return to the big screen.

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The sequel film was not as well received as Matthew Vaughn's original movie and failed movies show penis through window blinds its box office. Still, the Ass movies helped paved the way for the success enjoyed by other Only superhero movies like Deadpool and this year's Logan. So, only news has been quiet on the Kick-Ass front, it seems that something may be in the works. Mark Millar, the only behind KingsmanWanted and Kick-Ass recently stoked the embers of this property's return.

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Right, this brilliance won't write itself. Time to help get a ass release together for the big Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl news next week Keep in mind movies this is by no means confirmation of anything movie-related.

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He wouldn't be the first creative to tease something on Twitter just to mess with people or to get hopes up prematurely. The news about Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl could be something on the comic front and not necessarily of a cinematic Kick-Ass 3 proper.

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But if movies else, Mark Millar teasing a press release for impending news gets fans hopes up, and stating the news is coming next week means we won't have to wait long to find out just what ass is he's talking about.

There is reason to hope beyond this teasing tweet, though. This deal was made to bring Millarworld properties to life in films and TV shows on only platform.