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Origin of spotted dick

Spotted Dick: What Is It, Anyway? | HuffPost

What Is It Anyway? Today, we're explaining spotted dick.

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It's likely that you've stumbled upon this dessert, which has become more of a white elephant gift than a dick item eaten in origin, while browsing the aisles of spotted local grocery store. The Heinz version comes in an aluminum can covered with a close-up photo of something speckled and bready-looking, and text that reads, "Spotted Dick.

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So, what is it, anyway? Spotted dick is a traditional British pudding made from suet, or mutton fat.

spotted dick

The suet is mixed with other ingredients, such as baking soda, flour, molasses, corn syrup, or nutmeg. This creates a pastry dough, to which raisins or dry fruit are added, hence the dessert's "spots. Etymology Why does such a commonplace, and even appetizing dessert have such a strange, unappetizing name? As mentioned, "spotted" refers to the currants, fruit or raisins in the pastry.