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Paint shelf life of latex paint

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what is viable shelf life for latex paint ?

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I have several buckets of four-year latex latex paint leftover from finishing our basement.

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Tyson beckford nude photoshop are still in unopened original containers, in particular, our primary wall paint. I opened one to use for wall patching and found it to be completely separated.

How Long Does Leftover Paint Last?

This bucket was also in the garage and was subjected to freezing temperatures. With just a little bit of stirring it seems to be back to life, but I just want to be sure that I won't have any adverse affects using it to patch several chips and scuffs around the house. From what I have read it varies with the quality of the paint and the storage conditions,but years is reasonable for unopened shelf.

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Most of the evidence seems anecdotal. There always seems to be a paint of someone using something 20 years old that they got for free and it lasted 30 years. There doesn't seem to be hard evidence from manufacturers saying that you will decrease service life by X number of years if stored for X number of months.