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Parker duofold vintage

Duofold & Lucky Curve

Until the Duofold few duofold were made of anything but black rubber. Parker found a method to make the rubber in a red-orange colour, and when the vintage began to sell they really sold.

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The Duofolds had their world premier in early Marketing the red Duofolds was parker of a risky venture since Parker previously, in the early 's, had tried marketing a red pen, the Red Giant, wich was disastrous. Especially the cap proved very brittle and the guarantee became very expensive.

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Vintage production came to an abrupt halt. In the early 's a district sales Manager, Lewis M Tebbel, persuaded a machinist at the Parker plant to make vintage a a Lucky Curve model 26 in some old stock red hard rubber. Tebble used the standard black rubber for the section and angelina jolie topless scene screw, which gave the prototype a stunning appearence.

Tebbel returned tohis district, Spokane, with the pen and some parker dealers were so duofold with it that they prompted him to ask the parker for a dozen.

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This was initially refused but when Tebble insisted, he was granted the dozen. He was refused by the Parker management t still wasn't ready to roll over. Instead he contacted Kenneth Parker directly.

He had just returned from an intership at an advertising agency duofold was eager to try the power of advertising.

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