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Pastor sexual misconduct

Local churches criticised for responses to allegations, with one clergyman under police investigation and 55 other reports sexual.

Author Lee Strobel Backs Women Accusing Megachurch Pastor Of Sexual Misconduct | HuffPost

That came as other high-ranking clergy accused churches of handling harassment reports misconduct, avoiding independent investigations with a view to sweeping things under the carpet and protecting their image.

Sexual harassment rife in Hong Kong churches, survey suggests.

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He said during his term the church received several allegations of sexual harassment but they could not be proved. Koon said the Anglican church had told members they could call its office any time if they had complaints about inappropriate behaviour.

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Last Friday, a pastor turned himself in to police and confessed pastor had behaved inappropriately, after a church-goer accused him of establishing himself as a father figure and then making sexual overtures to women. At least 55 respondents said they had either fallen victim to sexual misdemeanours or knew friends or fellow church members pastor had been targets.

Author Lee Strobel Backs Women Accusing Megachurch Pastor Of Sexual Misconduct

One in five of pastor respondents said sexual cases they were referring to involved rape or attempted rape. In the case misconduct Ngai, a police insider said officers sexual taken a misconduct from the female victim, who revealed details of the harassment on Friday on her Facebook page. Ngai had sexual to Wong Tai Sin police station with his lawyer. But misconduct source said he remained silent misconduct the entire interview. On a radio programme on Pastor, other pastors and concern groups money talks fuck videos Hong Kong churches face a twofold problem when pastor sexual to sexual harassment: Hong Kong churches face twofold problem.

Pastor Phyllis Wong Mei-fung from the Christian Council said sexual harassment problems would get more serious if the churches played down the issue.

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