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Peeing on my boyfriend stories

That Time I Peed In The Bed While With My Boyfriend | MadameNoire

About a month ago, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time, which is boyfriend when I lost my virginity. It did not feel good to me at all, and so it took a while to try again. Well, a few weeks later, Stories went to his house to hang out. We were doing the stuff that we normally do: We ended up having sexand it was better this time.

It Could Happen To You: The Time I Peed In The Bed…And My Boyfriend Was In It With Me

Afterwards, I was lying on top of him naked, and we were just joking around and talking and being cute. He made a funny face, and I started laughing. When I laughed, I felt a trickle on the inside of my thigh. I knew I had tinkled a little bit, and decided to just be honest.

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He was so grossed out, and it made me laugh even harder. I straight up peeing all over his bed. Do you think penis gaff can top this confession? Read more hilarious hookup confessions here!