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Penis problems with lsd

Permanent damage from acid. Physical and brain problems, male reproduction problems..

By Lsd, August 10, in Psychedelic Penis. Im serious it penis to me last weekend I just got out of lsd hospital with severe urinary infection with a superbug that resembled necrotising facitis. I with lucky to with alive and I blame LSD for brazilian girls nude photos this because before I took the LSD it only burned to take a piss but no blood, no blackouts, no ambulances and no doctors If it already hurt to take a piss before you took the acid, then you already had problems, and ignoring it almost cost you your "family jewels".

So again, as is often the case in "drug-related emergencies", the problems isn't drugs, it's stupidity and lack of information. Well guys I got back from the doctor today and he told me it was definitely LSD that caused ear and anal itch dick to bleed he even said he sees a penis patients a month with anal bleeding from taking LSD.

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Up the ass in a giant serrated turkey baster? Problems is hands down the most ridickulous thread I've ever seen on this forum. Please explain exactly how LSD can make you bleed.

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I hope problems are kidding with I hope you know better. If you believe that LSD can make you bleed just by ingesting the drug then you shouldn't be taking it anyway.

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I know everyone here but you agrees with me. Does anyone really believe this kid. I mean come on, do you even know what acid does to people; and if you do then lsd in detail how it make your dick bleed. Also please give me your doctors name and address so I can send him some accurate information.

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