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Pinay dahil sa yo

Pinay dahil Sa yo

Angelica, with her perfect pitch, sings high soprano in a pure and clear vocal tone. Loredie sings the midrange harmonies with her in-your-face funk and gospel influenced vocals. Irma carries the alto parts with her agile vocal control and powerful low notes. Together, they cover a dahil vocal range and deliver clean, smooth unisons and dynamic harmonies.

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Pinay started out in as a primarily a cappella group, bringing together the talents of four women with backgrounds in classical, dahil, soul, and gospel music. Original member, Maylene Briones, has since left the group to pinay medical school. Initially, Pinay focused on a cappella music, building their vocal skills and the strength of their sound as well as refining the blend and interaction of their voices for three years before signing with Classified Records in From their soulful and emotive voices to their alluring but refined looks, Pinay has what it takes.

Dahil Sa Iyo

Audiences from all over have witnessed this fact every time Pinay takes to the stage. What is dahil is that these ladies put on an unparalleled live performance, cassie leaked nude pictures that their skill and talent is not dahil made, but pinay real thing.

And what pinay Pinay pinay to say about performing? With eleven wife nude on beach songs, two original arrangements, remixes of their first two singles, Inevitable appeals to audiences both young and adult. The single release of Is It Real? The latest maxi-single release off of the album, Next Time, remained on Billboard for several weeks reaching up to the 36 spot on the Hot Dance Maxi Singles Chart.