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Pinay textmate smart 2012

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Are smart looking for pinoy textmate? After searching, you can now exchange funny quotes, love text or jokes with your new textmate.

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A word of precaution though, be very extra careful when you finally decide to meet up with your new textmate. There are many poser pinay there, sometimes they disguise as your friendly textmate hiding their real motives to you and showing it only when you meet up.

As a result, if may lead to a not so very pleasent experience.

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So be very extra careful, ok? With that, happy texting textmate Not sure what 2012 is 09xx? Check this list to be knowledgeable: Mobile Prefix in the Philippines.

Pinay textmate smart 2012

Im looking for maayos. Painit tyo habang maulan. U can call me on cell, viber or imo.