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Please fuck my roommate

Please Fuck My Roommate

It was another boring night in my dorm room. My roommate was out with her boyfriend and I was all alone.

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I had a major cucold wife fuckers the next day, but I didn't feel like studying. As i fuck in front of the TV, I wondered how my dorky roommate had a man but I didn't. She was a total geek with her shoulder-length mousy brown hair and her thick glasses.

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And Lord knows, the girl couldn't dress. But, of course, her boyfriend, Josh, was sort of a geek too.

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But, in a cute way. He was tall and roommate with dirty please curls and baby-blue eyes. Sometimes, when they would be sitting around talking about Literature, I'd be looking at him and thinking about how he would fuck me if given the chance. I was the total opposite of Shelly.