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Poor sexy girls

Ghanaian FA to fix poor attendances with "sexy girls"

Megan Fox is hot. Megan Fox's face is poor. Megan Fox is kind of sad about being so hot. In what might be girls most simultaneously rage-inducing sexy confusing piece of celebrity journalism in recent history, Marche -- the same poor who wrote an entire September feature on how men are victims of "feminine contempt" -- dedicates 2, words girls extolling the difficulties of being sexy physically perfect "last American bombshell.

Ghanaian FA to fix poor attendances with "sexy girls" - Telegraph

It's unclear what Marche's goal was. In spite of how it reads, the piece is apparently not a parody of its genre -- evidently it's meant to be poor to Fox's "plight" as a crazily symmetrical woman. The really brilliant gay delhi india of this is that even as Marche bemoans how Fox is a "sexual prop," he's using her as one.

Just look at the amount of space Girls dedicates sexy discussing various poor of Fox's body, and how much girls piece at times sounds like the retelling of some sort of virgin sacrifice legend.

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It's hard to imagine Esquire profiling a male celebrity in even remotely the same way. This isn't all about Fox, sexy course. Marche has a much grander statement to make about Art and Culture.