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Recovery time of boob job

Since you have found your way recovery this post, I am assuming you are curious to know how long and what the recovery is like after having a boob job.

Breast Augmentation Recovery | American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Well I am here to answer your job on how a boob job recovery really is. First thingif you want to see my story about my boob job in South Korea, prices, where I got it done and the size and type very hairy nude women implant with before and after pictures.

Then please head to the previous boob job blog post by clicking here. I had no pain.

What should I expect during my breast augmentation recovery?

Instead it felt very tight and sore. My skin was very solid and boob right after the surgery.

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This of course makes sense seeing as my boobs suddenly went up 2 sizes in the span of 3 hours. As such, my skin was technically being stretched making it very tight, solid and sore.

The tightness was interesting but at the same time, it gave me no unusual sensation. On the other hand, I was very sore, which felt as if I did a very intensive chest workout with a hardcore personal time.