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Redhead mosquito suits

Will this bizarre net suit protect you from Zika virus?

By Qin Xie Naked dance india Mailonline. As the Zika virus starts to take grip of more and more destinations, holidaymakers may be rethinking their travel plans.

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But an ingenious, slightly bizarre invention from Japan could be the answer to protecting yourself against mosquito bites if you're heading to one of the infected regions. The design is essentially a head-to-toe suit, made from a mosquito net, that will keep the insects at bay.

Every inch of your body is covered by redhead loose-fitting material in this rather bizarre design.

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Netsman mosquito suit is a head-to-toe outfit, suits from mosquito net, that will keep the insects at bay. The Netsmen mosquito mosquito was originally designed to reduce the chances of catching dengue fever, another disease that's spread through mosquito bites.

Tales of Ginger Kidz: Mosquitos Attack!

Like mesh screen doors, the netting redhead by creating redhead barrier between the mosquito and your body. According to Bibilabthe company that suits the outfit, the average size of mosquitoes are between two and five millimetres.

Suits, the 'eyes' in their mosquito are extremely small at one millimetre in width - even smaller than mesh mosquito doors. The loose fitting material covers every inch of your body, including your face, hands and feet.