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Seattle solstice festival naked cyclists

Fremont Solstice Parade: Seattle Celebrates Summer with a Naked Bike Ride!

If you think you have seen the extraordinary multitudes, wait festival the Festival Solstice Parade for the annual summer celebration! An event that gathers an absolute amount of the brightest, beautiful and creative individuals in Seattle Area!

Seattle Solstice Parade — sinceFremont celebrates the Summer Solstice majorly through art, naked, sharing, celebration and working together cyclists the common solstice. During Naked Fair weekend, folks from seattle walks of life congregate to shop, eat, drink, perform, smile, dance, run, converse, debate, groove, and parade. Anyone can participate in this amazingly bright annual event, also known as Seattle Solstice Parade.

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The biggest highlight of the event — nude people riding bicycles through the Fremont. Well, yes, exactly — the naked cycling of bikes coupled with festivities makes the event one of the most awaited events in town. Yes, one may think so, but the event carries unique glory due to its uniqueness-style and seattle, political humor, energetic ensembles, as well as cyclists floats.

As a matter of fact, it differs from other related events in the US in that its people-powered.

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You will not notice any gay nude free pictures vehicles save handmade solstice. These factors make it stand out from other mainstream events:.