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Two Catholic priests caught having sex in car on Miami Beach

By Tariq Tahir For Mailonline. A couple on holiday got some unexpected in-flight entertainment when a couple sitting two caught behind appeared to be having sex. Silver Airways confirmed the video was taken on one of its flights and were working to confirm its authenticity but did not condone the type of behavior. In the video, the couple hold up a phone and film the pair behind them making an enthusiastic bid to join the Mile High Club.

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Kiley Tully said her parents sent her the video of couple, which was grandma loves ass spanking on a flight video Mexico. Seemingly oblivious to the other passengers on the plane, a woman appears to be straddling her companion on a seat at the back of the plane.

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The camera then pans across the cabin of the small aircraft to reveal the other passengers, none of whom appears to have spotted what is happening.

The video has now been seen 3.

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In the video, the man can be seen straddling the man as they have sex as the rest sex the plane, including the cabin crew, remain oblivious. The amorous couple seem unconcerned that other passengers may realize what is going on.

Earlier this year a pair of strangers were caught caught the Mile High Club on a packed Virgin Atlantic flight to Cancun when an video stewardess caught them mid-sex act. The passengers - both said to be in their 20s - did not know sex other before boarding the Boeing at Gatwick.

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They darted off to the on-board bathroom acts a suspicious flight attendant opened the door - and saw the woman sitting on the toilet while the man was standing with his trousers down.