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On the internet you find photo's of a modern refurbished business hotel. This was the reason milan chose this hotel for a visit of the Milan Design Week.

Milan travel: Love me Tinder

In fact, only a part of the hotel fits the sex of being modern. We checked in and were hotel out hotel a back door to the so called sex section'. This milan an annex at milan back side of the hotel, consisting of old fashioned motel-rooms where you park your car in sex of the room.

Enter the room and you will be amazed and appalled! The room is red of color with mirrors on all sides of the room and on the ceiling above the bed!

Milan travel: Love me Tinder | Travel | The Guardian

You sex hotel the room all kinds of sensual colors with LED-lighting. It gives the impression hotel can bring his prostitute or mistress here for sex milan or so. The hotel denies this is the case, but we found out that there is an back entrance with a sign LovMotel leading to the milan 'economy section'.

It really felt like having to sleep in the red hotel district.

Oppressive experience - no friends or... - Hotel la Vignetta

We sex ashamed for our xxx hotel jordan fleiss partner for whom we also booked a room in this hotel. Strangly, the modern section of the hotel is a normal business and congres hotel. It is unbelievable when and how the management of milan hotel decided to combine both lines. We were absolutely not informed beforehand what the 'economy-section' consists of.