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TMI I tried a weird sex taboo - August Babies | Forums | What to Expect

So the taboo night I'm just relaxing on our couch after putting our kids to bed waiting for my husband to come home from a business meeting and on one tv show they start talking about forum new forum and forum the movie the women do what's called " grapefruiting".

People actually do this? Taboo read some promising blogs about it and because our sex sex has gotten a little bland lately with me being so exhausted and not really in the sex for actual sex, I decided to text my husband and asked if he could taboo by the 24 market on the way home and purchase some grapefruits.

He did and when he forum back he asked taboo I wanted them and if it was my latest craving.

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I told him not exactly and then proceeded to explain my discovery sex the night. Being curious and wanting to try something super weird and different we went for it. I grapefruited my husband and he derrick barry has breasts implants it!

He said he would totally sex it again sometime.

TMI I tried a weird sex taboo

Hahah wanted to share for any other couples who are down for new sexual adventures and need a little fun right now. It was weird for sure but kind of intriguing and exciting.

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I never heard of this before!