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Sexsearch the Insider Chat. This feature is only available to registered users. Register or sign in to use sexsearch. In this case, a guy used the sexsearch SexSearch seriously to find someone to have sex with ah, sexsearch internet The woman he escorts claimed in her profile that she was 18 years old.

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In reality, she was apparently escorts 14 -- and the guy was eventually brought up on statutory rape charges. In turn, he sued SexSearch, claiming that the site had a responsibility to verify the ages of its users -- something he failed to do himself. After a mega milk tits court ruling tossed out the lawsuit, an appeals court has also tossed out the rotte n sexnoting that none of the various 14 claims the guy brought against the site seemed to hold up under scrutiny.

Basically, as escorts judge in the district court noted: Still, escorts Eric Sexsearch notes in the link above, the appeals court differed sexsearch the lower court on one point: The lower court felt that applied, but the appeals court feared that such sexsearch ruling would extend the coverage of section "potentially abrogating all state- or common-law escorts of action brought against interactive Internet services.

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Escorts one sexsearch saying that safe harbors get service providers off the hook for illegal activities they perform. The point is that they should not be responsible for illegal actions performed by their users.

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