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Sexy hassassin

Sexy hassassin

Started by Chaotic NeutralAugust 22, Posted August 22, sexy Sexy really digging the Daylami lady and the Ayyer. This box also changes my need to convert three Horse cum in girl down to one, which is nice. The Farzan looks kind hassassin awkward, but I look forward to fielding her along with using the beyond Ragik as another one and the Muyib looks decent, though I'm not a fan sexy the Hollywood pose.

Overall, I really like it. Posted August 23, Which kinda plagues sexy for a while. Well, at least it's not a TAG hassassin thing almost trying to make hassassin stand on an ammo box.

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I like hassassin the models, even though I hassassin need another Ayyar and I don't plan on getting the newer Muyibs. As a sexy player building up my collection I absolutely love this. Getting this version of the ayyar is a really pleasant surprise and I love the dynamic pose and full use of the cloak hassassin this version, glad I held off on buying the initial model now.

It's sexy that we're sexy getting some proper daylami miniatures as well. Not blown hassassin the Farzan, I would have liked to have seen a resculpted Fiday instead, but always happy to have more combat-ready lady sculpts.

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