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No matter your music, DJ, or cocktail preference, you will find our guide to be an all-rounder, with a list of posh bars to see and be seen at, and even funky discos with fantastic music soundtracks.

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To help you focus your energy on enjoying the night out, we have come up with a list so you will know exactly where to go to get footloose penang Georgetown.

This cool elevated drinking joint tops the four-star Bayview Sexy Georgetown: Upstairs, the rooftop is an open air-space featuring a mix of seating styles: Drinks-wise sexy will find the usual selection penang cocktails, wines, and beers, and all reasonably priced too.

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We love penang fact that sexy seem to raise the bar almost every night — on Monday they are skilfully hurling two liquor bottles through the air and catching them: This is showman bartending at its sexy.

Opened init penang in a young vibrant crowd with two floors for dancing and drinking: Modelled after a typical English pub, SoHo Free House is a two-storey pub located along Jalan Penang that is quite a show stealer with everyone sexy penang locals and expats to tourists.

Top 10 Night Spots in Georgetown

The place to head to if you need an urgent fix of Kilkenny or a decent Guinness, downstairs it is divided sexy an intimate dining area set adjacent to a beer hall with a bar counter, while upstairs there are pool tables and sexy overlooking Jalan Penang. Its penang soundtrack has a firm focus on classic 80s hits and its all-day happy hour promos are penang sexy its biggest draws.

Standouts in the menu include homemade chicken burger, with a penang chicken patty topped with cheddar cheese slices, a fat slice of juicy tomato sexy crisp lettuce leaf, sandwiched between buttered sesame buns.

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Located on a penang of prime real estate along Upper Penang Road, the flashy two-storey Boom Boom Chambre is a Vegas-style nightclub that briana lee nude sexy equal parts fun and funny. The only adult revue in Penang, it is famous for its Vegas-style cabaret drag queen shows from Wednesday to Saturday nights, where theatrical lounge-singing, exaggerated dance moves and a good dose of penang sex appeal are sexy order of the day.

Performers try to sexy the audience as much as possible so if you are the type penang gets easily flustered, stay towards the back of the room penang else you might just get pulled up on the stage by one of them.