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Sims 3 nude skins

Navetsea Skin: Sims3 models

I have the Sims 3 and not being you could call me a pervert but I need help on installing skins finding nude skins. The reason for this is the barbie doll effect creeps me out and I want to make the game feel more sims and actually have the sims genitals.

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I don't know if I am not installing it right or what not but I need help. Usually it sims right and the only thing nude shows is the skin change in upper body and face but never do male genitals show nor women.

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Yeah, Skins know alison krauss nude photos you mean. I could have sworn there were more realistic ones as far as genitals go I was kind of disappointed myself when I downloaded one that was blurred in the preview, only to find out that they were still barbie-like but with a splash of pubic hair.

Realistic skin

I have a mac, so I am unsure I can download it. But, good luck with your sims!

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