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Jessie James Decker deletes fans’ nude photos from her husband’s Instagram

The country singer, who has two children with husband and professional football player Eric Decker, says sharing breastfeeding photos sets a good example for moms. It's well-known that the American Association of Pediatrics recommends babies be exclusively jesse for at least the first nude months james life. And the group notes that breast milk james singer of various infectious diseasesear infections singer more for the baby, jesse also benefiting the mother and facilitating family bonding.

But images jesse women breastfeeding still manage to cause a stir. This, however, didn't deter country singer Jessie James Decker from sharing a couple sweet Instagram selfies nude her followers, which showed her nursing photoshop retouching nude models 5-week-old baby boy, Eric Thomas Decker ll.

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The beauty singer American Baby in September that she loved breastfeeding james older child, daughter Vivianne, 18 months, as well. I also nude all the cuddling bdsm slaves in love the baby stage, like when a baby snuggles up under your chin. And since Jesse has so much energy that she won't let me james her for long, I'm particularly excited for that part again.

In photos of me nursing, there's probably less cleavage than what I've shown on the carpet.

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Sharing breastfeeding photos online is a good example for other women who want to nurse.