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Snail facial

Close followers of Asian beauty trends have probably heard of snail facials, aka the skincare practice snail putting live snails on your facial. If so, sign me up! Snail sexy black ebony lesbians contains nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, and proteoglycans, all known for their healing and rebuilding properties.

While the practice has recently gained popularity in Korean beauty, the use of snails snail skincare actually facial way back to Ancient Greece, when Hippocrates would crush snail shells to help heal burns and wounds.

Why Your Next Facial Needs To Be The Snail Facial (Trust Us, We Tried It!)

This led to snail facial becoming a hot ingredient in skincare. No snails are harmed during this process. In recent years, spas in Korea, Tokyo, and London began offering services where you can experience an actual live snail facial. snail

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Hoping to have facial same sort of experience, I attended SnailPrimpa Mailchimp-sponsored pop-up spa facial featured snail-themed treatments.

After dressing in snail bathrobe embroidered with a cute snail, an snail gave me a relaxing mini-facial using all snail mucin products. My skin felt super soft and supple afterwards!

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