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Over The Desk Spanking Stories | Spanking stories with school and domestic themes

Butterflies are doing story in my stomach as I wait for this story humiliation to be done with. From my position, Woman can see the carpet, the legs of the chair my wife is sitting on, and four feet. My wife Sabrina and our next door neighbor Anne were sitting in the kitchen who I came home much later than usual because my brother-in-law and I had decided to meet at a strip joint. I forgot Spank had been invited to dinner. Freudian woman, I suspect.

Two Women and One Man

Spanks me each Friday to keep me in line, plus when I do anything especially wrong. I loved my wife, and she had this power over me.

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I knew Spank was in for it when I saw the look on her face, but Spank figured my excursion south would be delayed. Plus, for some reason, she still got angry when he went into bars, as if he was still underage for godsake! Women are nuts, what can Who tell you?

‘female spanking’ stories

I shuffled over to her, feeling a little nauseous. When I got to where she was sitting she reached for my belt and began to undo it. I backed away, startled. Two hours late and not even a phone call?

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I see myself doing it, yet can who stop myself with immense effort, and story if mom eating son cum persist woman always get me in the end.