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A spanking machine make this naughty teacher's ass get all red and swollen

Fathers, do your daughters act out too much? Mothers, are you tired machine the yelling and shouting? Well then, it is full figured big tits spanked you to get the new and improved spanking machine. Yes, that's right, a new and improved spanking machine.

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This new model has everything our test families asked us to include. Padded restraints to hold your naughty brat down with, multiple implements to spank their bottoms, and an angled top, machine provide more of a target, while making them feel more vulnerable.

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Yes, the Acme Spanking Bench, mark 2 - The next generation in spanking and corrective measures. Sarah, Michele, and Mark Roberts had been watching the local news, when the advertisement had come on.

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Mark and Michele had been interested, but Sarah had just started complaining about how the television would be so much better if there weren't any advertising on it. Mark had copied down the internet address listed for the machine, to get some more information.

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He had been tired of his daughter's outbursts, but he also had some plans for his wife as well. Both the women in his house had begun spanked get more of an attitude than he felt was warranted.

Spanked Roberts wasn't against women's rights, he just didn't like the changes that had been forced down the throats of most of the men in the world. I mean, it was bad enough that more difficult topics were being discussed, but some of the ads on the television could make any guy really nervous.

I mean, who wanted to hear a girl talk about male enlargement, or listen to some jessica rabbit hentai game nonsense about some machine