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Spurgeon quote christian so foolish pleasure to him

In his twenties, Spurgeon pastored the largest mega-church in Protestant Christendom.

Charles Spurgeon

American tourists returning from England were greeted with two questions: Truly, the memory of his ministry has become immortal. The preacher was anything but bulletproof.

In fact, for most of his life Spurgeon nursed deep wounds and struggled to cope with a myriad of emotional and physical maladies. At 35 he was diagnosed with gout, an inflammation of the joints. Spurgeon also suffered from depression. On October 22,Dr.

10 Spurgeon Quotes for Wounded Christians

Yet even in the heat of public sex story slideshow, character assassination, physical setbacks, and emotional challenges, Spurgeon experienced the warm kindness of God. Spurgeon never suffered from having never suffered. Small wonder the hard working class were magnetized to him. They feel that they are well-cared for, they know that the storm has a bit in its mouth, and that God holds it in, and nothing maylee asian hurt them; nothing can happen to them but what God permits.

Sickness has frequently been of more use to the saints of God than health has.