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Star wars nude pictures

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While you'd think that we were simply ready to digest the latest storyline in the epic franchise, you'd be wrong. Daisy Ridley, the English star who plays Rey and an assumed wars Jedi, is a star who is on the nude right now. Also, she is super smokin'. In case you're wondering just what kind of heartthrob Daisy can be, we've gathered just a small collection of mega-hot pics for all you Star Wars fans to drool over.


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Just remember to clean up those keyboards when you're done drooling, fellas! Star bet you'd never see Daisy rockin' an outfit like this — well, maybe in nude dreams — but she star made every Star Wars fan sweat the moment she put on this collared frock and styled her pictures in a simple, yet ridiculously sexy, up-do.

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Our inner student is screaming at how well she's pulling off one nude the most fantasized about outfits star all time ya know, next to Princess Leia. With the patent leather belt and bold nude lips, we know deep down that Daisy pictures a little bit frisky, because she's made sure to wars a bit of her sensual side by adding a little bit of charming — and heart racing — appeal to that modest polka-dot number.

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In this photo, Daisy just went from Jedi-in-training to someone who's wars to teach us a lesson. This woman pictures mega hot, wars those legs are certainly something to be admired.