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Stare you down and drink and moan and piss lyrics

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Oh, the sun drenched French girls won't relate To a frozen glare from the Northern State Dreamin' of fat piss babies Kickin' ladies on the Metro now And the mirrors won't sing back divine Be it choppin your hair or choppin a line But you laugh-crack-up they Laugh-crack up and smile Whoo! Alright - let's fall apart And the clock starts tickin now Tick tick tick tick tick tick Moan She said 'your allegory is far too blunt' I said 'this ain't no laboratory your the lady diana nude pictures She said 'emotional distance, it doesn't rhyme or resonate brilliance from in it's time' But is it lyrical and or crap rock poetry?

I say the and runs Morrison, Patti Smyth and and But maybe the reason we're so uninspired Is cuz the hour is late and the bodies are tired I think everyone here can agree Drink a party ain't great cuz lyrics booze is free Naw the free spirits ain't settin' no one's spirits free Yeah!

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Wind it up now People don't dance no more They you stand stare like this: They cross their arms and stare you down And drink and moan and diss People don't dance no more They just stand there like down They cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and diss I used to think life's a bitter pill, somerville ma active adult communities its a grand old time Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.