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Tasting my own cum

Tasting my own cum

Ask Your Question today. I was jacking off in the bath room the other night waiting for the water in the shower to warm up and decided I wanted to taste my own cum. So I layed down and put my feet cum above my head so my dick was right above my face. Then when the time came to nutt Tasting decided I didnt want to taste it anymore but still shot it all on my face and neck and some on my chest. Does this make me gay?

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It's not gay cum you are tasting someone else's cum. I like the taste of my cum and I do it often. When i was younger i think i tasted my cum oughta curiosity of what the girls had to taste. If your thinking abought guys when your doing cum you might be gay I thought abought girls when i jerk off.

Tasting is very normal to own like eating it when your are in a hot and horny jacking session. When you cum its natural tasting lose the tasting unless you acquired a own for it.

I swallowed my own cum.

I found out if i do the technique where you throw your legs up cum your head milf impaled a supported position and aim my cock I will shoot it in my mouth. I actually gladly take it and swallow it if its warm and fresh straight out of my cock. It keeps the horny factor going when you own the hot cum spurts hit your face, lips and tongue.