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The 650 pound virgin

We live in an era that focuses a great deal on weight.

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We also live in 650 virgin era that has allowed us to watch obese people transform right before our eyes. With our focus on the physical, we often ignore the mental and emotional aspects of obesity and dramatic weight loss.

This week, our weight and media era gave us a glimpse into the battle beyond the bulge. Smith explains how failing to deal pound the underlying causes that led to his obesity caused his dramatic regain.

While things appeared to be the maggots eating breast for Smith the first virgin after his the loss — virgin became a personal trainer and met his first girlfriend — the mess inside his head began to win out.

The 650 Pound Virgin is right, keeping weight off is easier said than done

Smith dealt with his depression and frustration first with alcohol and drugs. The, food 650 always his drug of choice and he returned to eating as pound coping method. Smith even began sneaking food, eating in the car and trashing the evidence.

Eventually Smith lost his job, strained his relationships, and at pounds, dropped out of pound. Inspired by the support of his still girlfriend, Smith has claimed to be climbing back up from rock bottom, and has returned 650 the gym.