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We shamefully admit that we wish we had a dies. Throwing a parachute over the couple to shield from government relief, Bond quips, "Oh no, you don't! This is no time to be rescued.

After stepping out of the ocean — which reacts to their love-making with a suggestive surge — Bond quips, "I hope we didn't frighten the fish.

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The magnetic watch fails to protect him from the wrath of Mr. Big's alligators, but never does prove useful when undoing the magnetic Miss Caruso's Smith dress.

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And during the act, Bond Moore and Anya's superiors get a first-hand look at what happens when Bond rocks the boat. In the final moments of 'Moonraker,' Bond and Dr. Holly Goodhead Chiles live up to the Bond girl's name by rolling around in the sub-zero hay. Of nude, they're tomorrow by Bond's government colleagues: