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Uncensored south park episode 201

This article has been tagged as Needing work due to its lack of infomation 's uncensored cut is apparently available, for instance, but it is not known man fuck woman video The two episodes form a story arc about Tom Cruise and many other celebrities teaming up to destroy South Park.

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The celebrities want to extract "goo" south Muhammad The Prophet of Islam because he is the only celebrity who cannot be made fun episode, and thus become untouchable.

Because of the Muhammad-centered storyline, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone received death threats from radical Muslim groups.

South Park #201 {Original/Uncensored}

A similar scenario happened in an earlier story arc, Cartoon Warswhere Muhammad is in the center of controversy due to him advertised as uncensored in a "cut-away gag" in the Family Guy animated series.

Due to network pressure, Muhammad ended up being censored. Muhammad originally appeared uncensored in an even earlier South Park episode, Super Best Friendswithout controversy.

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Inthe only censored element was swearing. Inhowever, any mention of Muhammad was censored along major cursing. This episode arc also caused the banning of previously-mentioned episode Park Best Friendsdue to 201 appearance.

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