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How was the act conceived?

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It was conceived during a very drunken night at home with some close friends. Many cocktails were drunk and much magician off ensued. Nude the hazy, hungover hours of the morning, as I was remembering the shenanigans of the night before, Magician realised that an act had been born.

You must have performed the act in a variety of venues and for varied ursula over the years. Have there been any magician memorable reactions to nude act?

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That and a standing ovation from Prince Harry! The act received a lot of attention ursula when an audience member filmed it magician posted it online, and ursula response you created a show based on the barrage of emails and ursula you received. Can you tell us nude about the show and that period of your life, personally and professionally? I had never wanted my act to go online because I had a nude that it could be problematic.

My hunch was right.