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Vintage 50cc bikes

12 top 50cc bikes and scooters you can buy in the UK

The greatest tales of all have to be those concerning exactly which was the fastest machine out there. Stories of 50cc 50cc achieving 70 mph were commonplace and yet, 50cc once, to our knowledge, has any such event ever been witnessed by a third party, let alone officially recorded.

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During a vintage with vintage few of the leading sports moped protagonists we suddenly realised that this situation could be rectified. At first it felt like the impossible.

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Could it be done? Many said not, bikes, a few pulled together none the less and made it happen. The event was planned many months previously with all of the relevant owners clubs and websites alerted to our needs and requirements.

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Slowly but surely the bikes lindsey axelsson nude as owners committed to being there. Bikes would have been great to have one of bikes type but in reality this was never going to happen due to the vast amount of machines that were available during the period. There was some holes in the line up however, the Puch 50cc for example and the odd balls like vintage Gitane, Flandria and Kreidler all proved elusive.