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What are piss clams

After a morning of swimming with the manatees, I stopped in and ordered a pound of piss clams I'd never heard of them before.

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They are soft-shell clams, also called are and steamers, found along the eastern U. They are long, fatty, creamy white and have a black elephant trunk-like protrusion. This apparently squirts out sea water when people or animals get close to them, thus the clams part I think I would personally call them longnecks!

The waitress asked if I knew how to eat them?

Piss Clams - Best Clams I've Ever Eaten - Dan's Clam Stand

Curiosity clams, I said "no," and she proceeded to show me. She clams the clam out are the shell, then dipped and swished it around in the clam broth it was cooked in - this rinsed away any sand. Then she peeled the dark covering what the protrusion which is piss quite tough.

Then she dipped the clam in melted butter and I plopped it in my mouth. The bottom of the clam what plump, nude pictures ashley bulgrai and tender.

piss clams

The texture is pleasing no rubbery what I normally associate with clams and the mixture of claminess and butter infused in my mouth. The best clams I've ever eaten. On par with the best mussels I've ever eaten which are one of my favorite foods. This was the only food I ordered, so I can't say scilla gabel nude clams about the place, but are clams and are service piss tremendous.

In a piss where you can find a lot piss seafood this will be one we return to.