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Women on steroids clitorial enlargement

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No worries, we're working on it! This site is the sister site to SexyLabia.

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If you'd like to share your sexy labia pics or videos anonymously please enlargement these instructions. Not sure where to start with things? Karma Points Quick Guide: Questions Is there any relation steroids enlarged clit and female muscle?

I took steroids and my clit is enlarged is that normal?? how can i make it normal again?

Vote Up 0 Vote Down himu March I wonder if there is any relation with enlarged clit I have read that side-effects of steroids almost always results in enlargement of the clitoriswhich women irreversible I wouldn't complain about such side-effects Calgary massage handjob are correct himu women body builders and women using steroids not only are left with a very large clitorious but their voices get deeper, the start to grow facial hair, and their breast become pecs which is why many of them get breast implants, and male facial characteristics start to appear.

Thanked by 1 himu. Vote Up 0 Vote Down wolf March 9. My clitorial list just got longer.